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Take your wine, cocktail, smoothie, or juice to-go with the modern, minimalist Porter Glass Cup — crafted from durable glass and wrapped in protective matte silicone. 

  • Storage and Safe: Holds 15 ounces of your favorite beverages. The lid is made with food-grade plastic, and its sliding tab keeps drinks clean. It's also sealed with a high-quality silicone gasket to minimize splashes. Dishwasher-safe & stain-resistant
  • Your Safety In Mind: This bottle is dishwasher safe, made from BPA-free glass, so it won't leach harmful toxins or absorb taste & odor like plastic or metal. Crafted from premium borosilicate glass and designed to withstand years of daily use.
  • Sustainable Lifestyle: Make a planet-friendly choice that looks amazing and feels great. This reusable glass makes a statement that you want to make a difference to the environment by avoiding single-use plastics for your beverages. Recyclable materials are a bonus for when the glass ends its service life.
    • Products designed to cause the least harm to people and the environment through their production, disposal or both, often using reclaimed or recycled materials.
    • The movement to re-use, reduce, recycle, and the like in order to lessen environmental impact and make efficient use of resources.
    • Materials that can be regeneratively produced like those made from plants and animals. This has a lower environmental impact compared to artificial products and metal.


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    • Product dimension: 5 inches L x 7.3 inches W x 3.5 inches H
    • Colors/Variations, etc: Terrazzo Cream, Terrazzo Charcoal, Terrazzo Blush
    • Return Policy: Returns within 30 days. Shipping Fees Apply
    • Shipping Info: 5-7 Business Days
    Earth-friendly features
    • Features
      • This reusable glass is meant to reduce the waste of single use plastic cups. It's durable and meant to last in order to lessen our impact on our environment.
    • Material(s)
      • Glass: An eco-friendly and sustainable material used all over the globe for various purposes. Although it has pros and cons, glass is a better alternative compared to single use plastic, especially products that are not properly washed and recycled. Borosilicate glass is technically recyclable but not through home recycling systems. At this time borosilicate glass products are most effectively repurposed as containers.
      • Silicone: A lifestyle feature used to allow glass products to be more durable and longer lasting.  Compared to plastic, choosing silicone-based materials is a more cost-effective and greener way  to go.  Silicone is non-toxic and ocean-friendly since it does not break down into tiny, micro pieces that continue to haunt our aquatic ecosystem  every day.
    • Made Without:
      • Plastics
    • End Of Life
      • This container can be repurposed to hold other items than it was originally intended for at the end of its service life.

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